" Post Road Magazine - Issue #35 | Spring/Summer 2019
Post Road Magazine #35
Post Road #35

Issue 35

Hearing the Text — Ran Keren
CHARISMA! — Becky Tuch
All Americans — Ryan Ridge
No Diving Allowed — Louise Marburg
The Last Date — Hillary Fifield
Five Steps — Suzanne Reeder
The First Time — Jason Villemez
The Painted Lady — Harris Lahti
Voo Hunting — Lori Yeghiayan Friedman
Night Crawlers — Michael Gracey
Ruby — Bethany Marcel
Saudade — Gail Hosking
Hunger — Fabia Oliveira
I am Become a Blunt Instrument — Kerri Webster
Artist's Son + Columbus, Ohio — Robert Mercil
Thinking Mark I Write Mary + Self Realization + The Hidden — Allan Peterson
Specific + Magpie — Pádraig Ó Tuama
Kill Class + On the 4th of July + Creation Myth (How Role-Players Came to Speak) — Nomi Stone
Not on my Résumé + Don't Tell the Flies — Carolyne Wright
Michelle Muldrow: Relic of Landscape and Cathedrals of Desire
Stripped — Rachel Joseph
The Doll’s Alphabetby Camilla Grudova — KL Pereira
“When I Expect to Achieve Nothing, Ideas Come” — Édouard Levé, Autoportrait — Laurie Stone
Old Masters by Thomas Bernhard — Jeff Jackson
The Invention of Solitude by Paul Auster — Alysia Abbott
Emily Wilson's Translation of The Odyssey — Kelly J. Ford
GUEST FOLIO: Edited by Chris Boucher
It Is Illegal to Enter the Graveyard — Ben Loory
At Brooklyn Pickle + My Strategy — Christopher Kennedy
America is Having a Revolution + Solitary + Double Bluff — Ru Freeman
Other Suns + The Planet Earth + Seasons — Osama Alomar, translated by Christian Collins


Cover Art: Kellie Talbot, "SPUTNIKS"